coach (or motor coach) is a bus used for longer-distance service, in contrast to transit buses that are typically used within a single metropolitan region. Often used for touring, intercity, and international bus service, coaches are also used for private charter for various purposes. Coaches, as they hold passengers for significant periods of time on long journeys, are designed for comfort.

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They vary considerably in quality from country to country and within countries. Higher specification vehicles include luxury seats and air conditioning. Coaches typically have only a single, narrow door, but sometimes they have two doors, as an increased loading time is acceptable due to infrequent stops. Some characteristics include:

Comfortable seats that may include a folding table, armrest, and recliner. Comfort is considered to be an important feature in coaches.

Luggage racks above the seats where passengers can access their carry-on baggage during the journey

Baggage hold, accessed from outside the vehicle, often under the main floor or at the rear, where passengers’ luggage can be stowed away from the seating area

Passenger service review, mounted overhead, on which personal reading lights and air conditioning ducts can be controlled and used by individual passengers with little disturbance to other passengers

On board rest room fitted with chemical toilets, hand basins and hand sanitizer.

On some coaches, on board entertainment including movies may be shown to passengers

On-board refreshment service or vending machines

Wheelchair accommodation possibly including a wheelchair lift for access

Curtains, useful on overnight services

Onboard Wi-Fi access

Onboard AC power.

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