Jautos CEO explains Why You Need A Luxury Car

Jautos CEO explains Why You Need A Luxury Car

When it comes to full pack of luxury , think of Jautos Car Rentals,

Jautos introduces her Rolls Royce, a premium luxury car coming to you at an affordable rate, giving your ambience a more graceful lift as you drive on Jautos Rolls Royce.



Jautos Boss Amb. Utchay Odims – Co Founder GIAA Africa, an author / TV host on LR TV gives insight on Jautos luxury cars.




Jautos is a company that pays premium attention to safety and security, our security escorts are assigned attentively to keep you safe, while on trip. In addition, our cars are well sanitized, convenient, and affordable with an experience chauffeur.


We also have other executive cars that can serve your need click here to see them


Jautos is currently present in Atlanta, New-York, in America while in Africa we have in Rwanda, Kenya then in Nigeria we have in Port-Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos. you can contact Jautos via telephone 07018122546 or 09070006661 . Follow on Instagram at @jautos_official, Facebook – Jonellies Autos

Jautos…1st class experience guaranteed.

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