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20210608 093357

The 2019 Land Rover Range Rover didn’t earn its SUV icon status overnight. It’s elevated the idea of all-terrain wagons for nearly 50 years now and despite arrivistes like the Bentayga and Cullinan and (gasp!) Navigator, it’s still an object of spendy-rich-people desire.

The reasons are pure and simple. In base, HSE, or Autobiography trim, it goes just about anywhere. It’s a perfect fashion accessory, a Chanel suit of an SUV shorn of excess detail. It’s roomy and comfortable enough for royalty—and we have the stock photos to prove it.

This year, the Range Rover adds a plug-in hybrid model to its family, but we think internal combustion still does better by the big SUV. 

Every Range Rover has full-time four-wheel drive, a slew of off-road traction modes, available locking rear differentials, and a tow rating of 7,716 pounds (unless it’s a plug-in hybrid). In tandem with an air suspension and electric power steering, the Range Rover does a convincing impression of an ultra-luxury sedan most of the time, and of a more genteel Raptor than the rest. It handles extremely well for its size, even when it’s not set up with the SUV-Autobiography model’s sport suspension tune. It can relax and peel off-highway miles at a languid pace, and leave four or five passengers inside blissfully unaware that the road beneath them sucks, or isn’t even there.

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Few vehicles have the space and refinement of a Range Rover; “Palatial” isn’t a word we use often, but it fits here, thanks to the exceptional accommodations the luxury SUV offers to all its passengers.

All Range Rovers have excellent front seats with a wide range of adjustment and even a massaging function. Drivers and front passengers get ample knee and shoulder room, and head room, and the cabin’s fitted with storage pockets in the doors and a usefully deep center console.

In the back, the Range Rover’s recently reshaped seats now have a power-recline function and can be upgraded with heating, massaging, and cooling functions. Legroom isn’t especially expansive in the back on the standard SUV, but long-wheelbase models have an extra 7.3 inches of room, spread out mostly to back-seat passengers. On the Autobiography models, Land Rover sells an Executive Seating package with reclining rear seats with eight-way adjustable headrests, and a smartphone app that allows back-seat passengers to control their seats and the car’s climate system from their devices.

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