Best Car Insurance in Nigeria

Best Car Insurance in Nigeria

No doubt, insurance companies have come to stay in Nigeria, offering various services and products. Based on this, which insurance company would you pick as the best in Nigeria today and for what reasons?

There are several insurance companies in Nigeria but when it comes to picking the right insurance company to secure a policy from certain things have to be put into consideration, things like Reliability, Integrity and quick response

The insurance company must be well known by the masses to have a good track record also having good testimonial from people insured by them because

It is nice and convenient to be a car owner. At one point in your life, you may have only dreamed of driving your very own car. Your car could be one of your biggest investments and expensive possessions, and it is but right to ensure that it is protected. This is the reason why you need to get it insured.

Now, it isn’t too difficult to find a great company that provides reliable car insurance policy in Nigeria. However, you must also be knowledgeable enough on what you’re getting into to prevent fraudulent companies from taking advantage of you. Keep in mind that all you really need is peace of mind and protection for your car.

Your car dealer must have recommended you to get a car insurance policy in Nigeria, and he is absolutely right. However, it is very common for many car owners to not get insurance policies directly from the car dealer because there are more affordable and greater options if you get one from an actual car insurance company. If you are still questioning yourself whether you really need an insurance policy for your car, hopefully by now your question has been answered. Yes, you do.

As a matter of fact, according to the Nigerian Insurance Act 2003, it is required for you to have a third party car insurance policy in Nigeria. It is now your choice whether you want to get just a third party insurance or a comprehensive one.

The difference between a comprehensive and a third party car insurance policy in Nigeria is pretty simple—the comprehensive insurance policy provides coverage for your vehicle in incidents such as theft, accidents, fire, as well as the third-party insurance policy. On the other hand, a third party car insurance policy in Nigeria only provides coverage for the damages you or your driver may have caused on another car or cars while driving your insured vehicle.

It is quite understandable for you to have doubts about getting a car insurance policy in Nigeria as there are many unreliable companies and individuals going around. However, there are also companies, which can provide you with great services that you surely wouldn’t regret. Ensure that your vehicle insurance is in the right hands with a registered insurance company and get that peace of mind that you truly deserve.


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