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Welcome to Jonellies Autos where you get all types of standard and luxury cars for rent, lease and sale in Nigeria. We pride ourselves for providing the best cars to Nigerians at an affordable rate all with a professionally trained driver to move you around. Jautos.com.ng is the official website of Jonellies Autos. Find saloon cars and SUV’s among others for sale, hire or lease at prices that can match your budget. Professionally trained drivers and chauffeurs are also available to drive you around. You can also employ their services for your company as we constantly churn out trained drivers.Browse our range of cars here!!

jautos car rental service fleet
get all types of standard and luxury cars for rent, lease and sale in Nigeria
Jautos Car sale lease and rentals services Nigeria drivers in the industry
Jautos Car sale lease and rentals services Nigeria, well trained drivers, get all types of standard and luxury cars for rent, lease and sale in Nigeria

JONELLIES AUTOS Car sale lease and rentals services Nigeria is your number one car rental, leasing, sales and fleet management company. A company driven by excellence and quality delivery. We’re one of the biggest partners of UBER with over 150 cars On their platform, yeah!  You read that correctly. Over 150 cars and still many more to follow.

We distinguish ourselves by providing amazing and quality services to our customers that they start wondering “could this be real?”

Our quality and amazing services are:

  1. Car rental and leasing
  2. Escort services
  3. Airport Pickups
  4. Security Services
  5. Drivers Outsourcing
  6. Vehicle Business Option (liability to asset) And more…..

Our Car rental and leasing services are top notch. We provide you with the best cars that are nice and clean and inclusive of that, we equally provide a well trained professional driver to move you around safely and in a comfortable manner to anywhere you go.

At Jonellies Autos, no matter what the case may be… WE ALWAYS DELIVER!!!

And did I forget to mention, our rental and leasing price rates are so affordable that the 2019 Oxford dictionary editors are looking to use Jonellies Autos as an example under the “affordable” section ^_^.

Another Amazing feature of Jonellies Autos is the Vehicle Business option(VBO) Where we turn your car or jeep from a liability to an asset while the car still remains yours. You can as well earn from NGN120,000 – NGN250,000 monthly from our VBO depending on the state of your car.

Truely amazing right?

With Jonnellies Autos you are always connected to the best internet. You Didn’t get that?  Ok, I’ll explain further. No matter where you are coming from or going to or even if you are just coming into Nigeria from another Country, the moment you step in to a car owned by Jonellies Autos you’re automatically connected to a 4G Wi-Fi internet connection.

And guess what? It’s free with no hidden charges. We’re that cool!

So why not visit Jonellies Autos

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@jonellies Autos,  a 1st class experience guaranteed…